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This project will provide many controls and tools for developping with Windows Forms.


Windows Forms Toolkit provide controls and tools to works easily with Microsoft Windows Forms.

Currently available controls :

  • Extenders
    • BalloonTipExtender: provide a extender to show balloon for TextBoxBase controls;
    • CueTextExtender: provide a extender to add cue text for TextBoxBase and ComboBox controls;
    • ValidatorExtender: provide a simple way to validate user entries (like;
  • Controls
    • ColorPalette is a control showing a customizable list of color;
    • SplitButton is a button control that propose a context menu for alternate options (like Microsoft Word open file dialog);
    • TabControl is a extend TabControl with many properties and events to improve experience;
    • NotificationForm can be use as base for create notification like Microsoft Outlook;
  • Data
    • DataTableConvertionExtensionMethods is a static class providing some Extension Methods to convert DataTable to Object... and Object to DataTable;
  • Drawing
    • RoundedRectangle draw rectangle with rounded corners;
  • MVVM
    • MVVM pattern for Windows Forms (beta)
    • CommandManager to bind your actions to controls
    • Extension Method for DataBinding
    • Model validation by ValidatorAttribute
  • Miscellaneous
    • HotKeysManager provide global HotKeys support for Windows Forms applications;
    • WatchDogRunner can run delegate with a limited time;





Sébastien Ferrand
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Microsoft Visual C# MVP from 10/2004 to 10/2009

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